HORDES: Farrow Bone Grinders (6) REPACK

Art.Nr.: PIP75058

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Farrow Bone Grinders Unit (6) Box


Well versed in the mystic arts of butchery, farrow bone grinders seek out choice organs and marrow-filled bones from slain warbeasts in order to harness the mystical power lingering within. These parts are combined with blood, bile, and lymph to create powders, unguents, and talismans able to empower farrow warlocks toward victory on the battlefield.


The Farrow Bone Grinder unit comes in a box (PIP 75058). A player may field up to two Farrow Bone Grinder units for each warlock in a Trollbloods, Circle, Legion, Skorne, or Thornfall Alliance Minion pact army.

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