Malifaux: Creative Taxidermy Set

Art.Nr.: WYR20905

Hersteller: Wyrd Miniatures

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One of the most prestigious hobbies among the Gremlins of the Bayou (after moonshining) is the art of Creative Taxidermy. Putting aside concerns such as "Has the thing I m stuffing stopped moving?", the brave practitioners of this art push the boundaries of their craft (and the boundaries of how much dynamite they can shove into a single squealing pig).

Box Set, containing eight 32mm heroic scale miniatures made of high quality plastic and Stat Cards. Will require some preparation and assembly.

Also contains 3 Malifaux Story Encounters and 1 Through the Breach Adventure

Set Contains:


  • 2 Taxidermists
  • 6 Stuffed Pigs