Painting miniatures from A to Z, Angel Giraldez Master - EN

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We re proud to present Ángel Giráldez s first painting manual, Painting Miniatures from A to Z, Ángel Giráldez Masterclass Volume 1. This book is a demonstration of the painting methods that, over the years, have helped Ángel bring Infinity s miniature range to life. Ángel has matured as an artist within Corvus Belli, and his tireless work has earned him a place among the foremost professional miniature painters in the world. This manual describes, in meticulously detailed step-by-step tutorials accompanied by hundreds of full-color pictures, how to apply Ángel s techniques to some of the most outstanding miniatures of the Infinity range. Each book includes a complementary exclusive miniature. This miniature is part of the product and cannot be sold separately.

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