Q-WORKSHOP: Metall Dwarven Dice Set (7)

Art.Nr.: QWODWA35

Hersteller: Q-Workshop

EUR 34,90
inkl. 20 % USt

  • Lagernd / Lieferfrist: 1-3 Werktage


After a year in quest for missing forge of the Smashhammer blacksmith, elven emissiaries of Q-workshop have found huge brassware gates. These huge doors were hiding dwarven engraved dice made from metal. Thanks to the elven bravery and effective quest for the blacksmith s forge, today we can offer you this gorgeous dwarven metal dice set of 7 RPG dice.
Kingsburg dice set contains 4 beautiful dice - 3 of them in one of the five family colors, plus one white - and 3 family counters to trace the progress of the Realm! Each boxed set also contains a Royal Family Card, each with special rules that relate to Family Crest, giving you the opportunity to influence the game in one more way and win!

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